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Metallic Structure


The technology industry is undergoing rapid and unprecedented transformation, with new products emerging and competing for dominance. In such a dynamic landscape, optimizing inventory and streamlining the product pipeline has become more crucial than ever, leaving no room for error.

With our team of highly experienced technology experts, we have been at the forefront of pioneering innovative solutions to meet the stringent demands of the high-tech industry for many years. Serving as your trusted partner and advisor, we provide tailored tech-specific services that span from the factory floor to the final destination. Our focus is on enhancing supply chain efficiency and reducing costs, ensuring you have the flexibility, speed, and support necessary to successfully bring your products to market and deliver them to consumers in impeccable condition and precisely on time.

We have considerable experience safely transporting all kinds of technology, including:

  • Consumer electronics

  • Semiconductors

  • Computer & office equipment

  • Industrial robotics

  • Electronics products & devices

Our Services

  • International transportation (air, container, RORO, ferry, etc.)

  • Manufacturing equipment handling (sensitive handling, installation, etc.)

  • Global & regional distribution center location analysis, proposal, implementation

  • Supplier/buyer consolidation and cross-docking

  • After-sales service and reverse logistics

  • Control tower

  • In-plant logistics and technical workshop

  • Outsourcing order fulfillment

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