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In the rapidly evolving retail industry, businesses face the challenge of meeting consumer demands for greater choices and higher quality, all while keeping up with ever-changing trends. Each retailer has its unique supply chain and specific requirements, making predictability a difficult feat.


That's precisely why our dedicated client teams, specialized in retail logistics, tailor solutions and processes to perfectly align with your individual needs. We understand the significance of efficiency, visibility, and cost control for retailers, and we deliver these benefits to you. By seamlessly integrating with your team, we work together to reduce your overall logistics costs through initiatives that are specifically tailored to your retail supply chain, without compromising the broader needs of your business.

While the retail industry may be unpredictable, our experience-driven insights and cost-optimizing solutions provide you with a reliable level of control. Our clients value the deliverables we bring to their global supply chains, including control, compliance, and visibility. They trust our partnership to navigate the ever-changing challenges of the industry and find solutions that drive their success.

  • PO & vendor management

  • Origin bonded stock

  • Origin consolidation & VAS services

  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)

  • Upstream & downstream milestone capture & visibility

  • Carrier & provider management

  • Ocean freight & air freight

  • Land transportation (truck & rail)

  • Cross-border transportation

  • Intermodal transport solutions

  • EDI & API capability

  • Customs clearance & brokerage services

  • Documentation solutions, including quick and accurate commercial invoice creation

  • Destination de-consolidation

  • Cross-dock

  • Warehousing & distribution centers

  • Inventory management

  • E-commerce fulfillment centers

  • Last mile delivery

  • Pre-retail & value-added services

  • Customer-specific supply chain design and implementation

  • 4PL-based solutions

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