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US Shipping Line Inc., created by Mr. Zipser, and joined the following year by Mr. Shioda, who soon after became a sole owner of the corporation as Mr. Zipser retired to pursue a career in international trading business.


In spring, US Shipping Line began weekly FAK consolidation service to the Far East.


A worldwide westbound Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) service campaign begins, US Shipping Line name is also phased out during this period to bring the new name and image, Interocean Transporters Network Corporation (ITNC).


With increasing trucking and air cargo volume, two additional companies relating to such logistic service starts, Interair Transporters Network Corporation and Interland Transporters Network Corporation. During the same year, ITNC takes over the US based operations of a known NVOCC, whose headquarter was in Taiwan.


In May, three companies of ITNC merge, and Interline Corporation is established, and then Interline Japan in 1997 is created, operating in Tokyo, Japan.


Joined by a longtime associate in the logistic industry, Mr. Sreenivas, Interline Global Holdings LTD is created in Singapore and opens Interline offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines to oversee container leasing service in the Southeast Asia region.


With the world financial crisis, Interline Corporations re-established headquarter back in the USA.


Mr. Sibbison joins Interline team to strengthen Interline and to become internationally recognized OTI (NVOCC).

With Hanjin Shipping Line's bankruptcy, nearly 200 containers of Interline shipments on board Hanjin's vessel are left deserted at sea. With coordination from Interline staff and support from the network of partners and customers, all containers arrived safely at all the designated destinations.


In 2018, Mr. Sibbison becomes the youngest partner of Interline Corporation, with a vision to embrace technology, pushing the company forward.

His agenda:

  • To make Interline ready for the future of logistics

  • To be customer friendly

  • To provide the best service in this industry


As the company transitions into a new phase, Mr. Sibbison has assumed full ownership. Building on this momentum, Interline's next agenda is to set up offices abroad, underscoring the company's commitment to strengthening international growth and serving clients globally.

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