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Our worldwide team of ocean freight forwarding experts boasts in-depth industry knowledge, a variety of skill sets, and extensive experience, ensuring the safe and reliable transport of your cargo throughout the global marketplace.

  • Full Container Load (FCL) services - Standard and Express

  • Less-than Container Load (LCL) services - Standard, Express, and Express Platinum

  • Consolidation Services (Assembly, Multi-Country Consolidation, Trans-load, and other services)

  • Project Cargo and Non-Containerized Shipment Solutions

  • Delivery Management

  • Dry and Temperature Control cargo

  • Customs Clearance Services

  • Competitive and Low-Cost pricing

  • Cargo Insurance


Our specialists are dedicated to offering reliable and consistent air freight solutions, prioritizing clear and proactive communication at every stage of the process. We tailor our services to accommodate each client's unique requirements and deliver comprehensive door-to-door solutions, executed by our committed, highly skilled, and customer-centric team members.

  • General cargo consolidation

  • Direct airline services

  • Peak period capacity solutions

  • Temperature Control

  • Perishable commodities

  • Small package service

  • Sensitive equipment

  • Project Cargo with any weight or configuration

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Sea+Air / Air+Sea services

  • Customs Clearance services

  • Cargo Insurance

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We provide multimodal, domestic, and intracontinental transportation and delivery services across the world. Our team of ground transportation specialists excels at delivering value-added and time-sensitive solutions, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for your customers.

  • Full Truckload (FTL) and Less-than Truckload (LTL) services

  • Flexible combination of non-asset based and asset-based solutions

  • Short haul regional capacity

  • Branch network with local access to global capacity

  • Dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, trailer on flatcar (TOFC)

  • Deliveries and pick-ups, including residential and commercial goods

  • Drayage and Direct Distribution

  • Door-to-door services

  • Immediate access to spot pricing


We specialize in creating customized, integrity-focused solutions for the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive products across various industries, drawing upon over a decade of expertise in cold chain logistics to enhance supply chain efficiency and meet diverse client needs, whether short or long-term, import or export, or storage or transportation-focused.

  • Food products such as meats, fruits, vegetables, and other highly perishable items.

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Electronic

  • Chemicals

  • Safe and compliant international transportation from source to table.

  • Optimum transit times and transportation modes for maximum product protection.

  • Deep expertise in different perishable commodities to the smallest details of local and international legislation.

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Our Project Services division provides specialized solutions for transporting oversized and heavy-lift freight. Although handling massive or heavy loads, like presses, poses distinct challenges, they share a common objective with all other cargo: reaching their destination promptly and securely.

  • Over-dimensional cargoes

  • Heavy lift

  • Project logistics

  • Full/part ocean breakbulk chartering

  • Complex multi-modal moves

  • Route studies

  • Risk assessments

  • Cargo inspection

  • Loading/unloading supervision

  • Full turnkey base factory relocation logistics

  • Project planning and project management

  • Overall logistics control, right down to mobilizing and monitoring on-site teams

  • Vendor management, with special expertise in the automotive, aerospace, and renewable energy sectors


Our strategically located warehouses and distribution centers near major ports or hub operations form a network designed to cater to a wide range of logistical needs, including cross-border transport, just-in-time manufacturing, final mile delivery, after-sales logistics, and reverse logistics, offering value beyond inventory management and supply chain visibility.

  • Distribution Centers - Strategically located for inventory management, storage, reverse logistics, and distribution requirements

  • Vendor-Managed Inventory - Improved stock management through demand planning and inventory forecasting and visibility

  • Warehouse Site Consultancy - Advice on optimal warehouse locations to improve inventory management and distribution

  • Temperature-Controlled Warehouse - Facilities capable of integrating into a temperature-controlled supply chain across a wide range of industries and regulatory requirements

Aerial View of Distribution Center
Turnstiles with a turntable. Entrance with turntables. A checkpoint with a turnstile. Turn


Our Customs Brokerage team possesses extensive expertise in tariffs, customs laws, rules, and regulations, facilitating the smooth clearance of imported or exported goods worldwide.

  • Exception Management - Vendor referrals: Manage vendor documentation and information discrepancies, identify bottlenecks, and reduce costs and expensive delays

  • Declaration document visibility on line for all countries where we offer customs brokerage service

  • Consistent timing and events to provide visibility to the process

  • Customs Entry Preparation and Electronic Filing

  • Importer Security Filings

  • Liquidation Monitoring

  • Post Entry/PSC Processing

  • FTZ (Free Trade Zone) Entry Processing


Enterprises participating in global or domestic commerce must proactively protect themselves from financial setbacks arising due to damage or loss of cargo in transit. A myriad of risks, including theft, pilferage, water damage, fire, explosion, crushing or puncturing, and containers being washed overboard, highlight the diverse challenges that cargo may face during its journey.

  • All Risk

  • WA (With Average)

  • FPA (Free of Particular Average)

  • ICC-A

  • ICC-B

  • ICC-C

All-Risk is the broadest form of insurance coverage available. It insures against physical loss or damage from any external cause from the origin warehouse to the destination warehouse.

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Our specialized knowledge in sales contracts, letters of credit, shipping documents, and fluency in crew jargon, trucker slang, and port lingo enables us to ensure smooth operations and have complete command of every step along the way for our clients.


  • Inventory Control

  • Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

  • Transportation

  • Import / Export Coordination

  • Customs Clearance

  • Product Returns

  • Supply Chain Control & Visibility

  • Management service to maximize productivity and minimize cost

  • Insider's perspective of laws and regulations on global commerce and trade

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